My 2018 Movie Ratings (so far)


Lets start with my favorite one:


Phantom Thread: 9/10

The best movie I’ve seen this year. Wicked love story with great acting, perfect costume design and unexpected ending. Must see, a cult.


The Post: 9/10

The lecture on how acting should be by two legends. Great story of Katherine Graham and cover up of US secrets during WW2


Ready Player One : 7/10

It was not a torture exactly but below expectations especially for a Star Wars fan


Deadpool 2: 6/10

I adore you Ryan Reynolds but the most funny thing in the movie was fat New Zealander boy’s accent


Avengers: 7/10

Definitely not the best among the series but still good enough to watch on a weekend night


Annihilation: 8/10

Except for the ending, good dooms day scenario with interesting visuals. Director must have taken a decent amount of lsd before preparations.


Isle of Dogs: 8/10

Perfect Wes Anderson work, watched it during a flight and made the journey bearable.


Mission Impossible Fallout: 7/10

Another classic, above average in the series but too many twists to make script a bit smarter. It was unnecessary


Solo: 7/10

The story of young Han Solo, acting was ok visuals are above average. Still good enough until a good SW is on theather


Oceans 8: -3/10

I don’t even know how to start.. Just skip this one.


Housewife: 1/10

The first time I went to see a Turkish horror movie and I was so disappointed.  Even one of the brightest directors are far from producing a unique/worth to watch, not cliche movie once for the sake of Turkish cinema.


Note: 2017 productions are excluded


Sena Sari

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